MICF connectors are like kids building blocks. My invention lets you invent unique ways of snapping together blocks for use in different ways. Here are links to different slide show I have created to show you the different ways you can use my Green Connectors to snap together blocks.

My Newest Slide Show - Drystacking Blocks with 1/16" Plastic Shims
Drystacking to Save Labor

Thermal Bridging - Double Dovetails break Thermal Bridging
Web Dovetail Channel Connectors

3d Printing of Block Walls by Engaging Dovetail Channels
3D Block Wall Printing

Steel Stud Reinforced Lintel Using MICF
Steel Stud MICF Lintel

Steel Stud Reinforced Concrete Column Using MICF
Garage Door Concrete Post

10" A Configuration Block w/ 6.5 IN^2 Web Bridging
Garage Door Concrete Post

Web Clips for Drystacking w/ 1/16" block gap
Web Clips for C90 A Configuration

Here are some slideshow using my connector with PVC Crossties and Masonry Shells as Concrete Wall Formwork.

Move Your Basement up to the Firsts Floor to Create a Saferoom
MICF Saferoom

Garage Pictures using MICF Blocks to Form Wall
Garage Pictures Using MICF

Steel Stud Walls are compatible with MICF
Steel Studs inside MICF Shells

Zip Rods Make Assembly of MICF a Breeze
Zip Rods Through PVC Pipe

There are many ways to Insulate Inside MICF Blocks
MICF Insulation

Check out my other invention. Roof Slab Mini Ducts for Drying Cure Water from Concrete Roof Slabs

Mini Ducts with Stucco Mesh Reinforcing
Mini Ducts

Links to More MICF Connector Ideas
Cast in Place Concrete Lintels
Round Corner in 12 Inches
Combine 2 Shells and Cube It
Dead Weight Soil Retaining
Replace Steel beam w/ Cast Concrete Beam
Masonry Structural Insulated Panels, M-SIPS
A Better Flexible Masonry Bond Beam
Let's Get Artistic with MICF
1/2" PVC Crossties: Let the Air Flow!
Poured in Place Prestressed Concrete Wall
ZigZag Running Bond Control Joints
Eyebrow Concrete Pilaster / Column!
Air Insulated Concrete Wall
Jump Ideascale Perfect House Wall
NCMA PHX Slideshow